Thursday, February 19, 2009

101 Wizard Jokes

The following is an excerpt from 101 Wizard Jokes by Ben Shakey. It will be published by Provocation Kids Books in March 2009

Q: What was the Wizards favorite Beach Boys Song?

A: Help Me Wand-A

Q: What held together the Wizard's majic book?

A: The Spell binding

Q: What do you call a wizard from outer space?

A: A flying sorcerer

Q: Why did the wizard go to the hospital?

A: He had a staff infection

Q: What did the wizard put on the no parking sign?

A: Violators will be toads

Q: What kind of car does a Wizard drive?

A: A Ford Hocus Focus

Q:What kind of Coffee is preferred by most Wizards?

A: Maxspell house

Q: What does a wizard say for is special flattening spell?

A: Pressed - O!

Q: What does a wizard use to conjure up an atom?

A: Eye of Nuetron

Q:Did you hear about the wizard that could only predict sad fortunes?

A: He used a crystal bawl?

Q:What Wizard hangs out at the beach?

A: A Surfer Druid

Q: Where does he go surfing?

A: In the pacific potion

Q: Who was the Wizard's favorite actor?

A: James Gandolf-ini

Q: What are popular names for Wizard's babies?

A: Al Chemy for Boys and Necro-Nancy for girls


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